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ECO provides a robust set of metrics to enable advanced application performance monitoring and user behavior analysis across your web and native applications. Metric values appear as time series and distributions in metric widgets, and alongside dimensional values in the dimension drill-down tables.

  • Explore Presets links for established use cases and pre-configured dashboards.

  • Start with Trends to view the out-of-box metric time series widgets and dimension tables.

  • Display Real-Time metrics for quick issue discovery and resolution.

  • Access User Timelines for details about user experiences.

  • Use Custom Dashboards for advanced analysis of scenarios.

Note: It's best to complete your initial feature adoption and metric discovery before using more advanced features, such as setting AI alerts, notification channels, and building advanced metrics.


This example shows the App Overview Preset for quick drill-downs into app performance issues, such as login process time.

  • Access the Preset for App Overview

  • Slice Login Process Time metric time series

  • Drill-down to impacted device dimension

Preset: App Overview Example

Use Presets to display access customized Trends dashboards, pre-configured with metrics and metadata for the most common use cases.

Click the Presets tab in the main menu to get started with the ECO Presets items with pre-configured Trends dashboards.

ECO Presets



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