Performing Drill-Down Analysis

ECO provides features for deep drill-down cross-dimensional analysis for easy analysis across dimensions, such as device model, application version, and error messages.

Dimensional Data Drill-Downs

Select up to eight dimensions enabling advanced analysis across dimension tables for deep data drill-downs. Clicking dimension values in dimension tables provides advanced analysis across dimensional value combinations, such as Apple TV 4k, app version 5.6.2 and user ID 2163548, for flexible impact and combined data analysis.

Use Case-Analyzing App Crashes

The use case provides a step-by-step guide on how to analyze app crashes using key features in ECO.

  1. Check metrics:

    1. Start by accessing the Metric panel and checking the available metrics.

    2. To zoom, select, and zoom to select the desired period when most app crashes occurred by using the toolbar options.

  2. Explore dimensional data:

    1. To access more detailed information, move to the Dimension table.

    2. To check more information, click Add Dimension to add more Dimension tables, such as adding Application Version.

    3. Set the data to be ordered by app crashes for a better understanding.

  3. Narrow down data:

    1. To refine your analysis, click a specific application version, such as 5.7.1.

    2. Further filter the data by selecting Device Model and clicking a specific device model, like Android TV with Chromecast.

    3. Identify error messages by selecting Error Message.

      Now focus on the error messages generated when the app crashes in version 5.7.1 on Android TV with Chromecast.

      These error messages are crucial for engineers to optimize the app for that specific configuration.

  4. Analyze user behavior:

    1. Refer to the User ID dimension table to identify the user, for example, User 1144090, who experienced the most app crashes.

    2. To analyze the user's behavior and understand the root causes of the app crashes, click the Users tab, then select the User ID to access the User Timeline page.

  5. Deepen analysis with user timeline:

    • On the User Timeline page, explore the timeline that showcases more data about the user and the events.

    By following these steps, effectively analyze app crashes, identify error messages, and gain insights into user behavior using the various features available in ECO.


Drill-Down Analysis Drill-Down Analysis Drill down Analysis Drill down Analysis