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ECO provides an easy-to-use interface and an advanced feature set that empowers industry-leading application performance analysis for both native and web applications.

Getting started with ECO is straightforward. After integrating with low-code solutions, you can utilize out-of-the-box metrics and metadata to monitor application performance metrics and explore dimensional attributes across your web and native application data.

Summary of what you can do:

Sensor Integration

Perform low-code integration of Conviva ECO sensor to enable automatic, and semantic-less data collection.

Using Trends

The Trends dashboard provides an easy-to-use interface with an advanced feature set that enables application performance monitoring and user behavior analysis within your applications.

Activating Data

ECO data activation enables you to map new events and create metrics to efficiently explore and manage the current application events for enhanced insights and do data analysis for more complex scenarios.

Viewing User Timeline

Drill down into session timelines for comprehensive and granular analysis of a session.

Using Custom Dashboards

Enable the combination of widgets and display options to highlight the insights that are most meaningful to your users and business.

Custom Metric Creation Use Cases

These use cases provide a hands-on way for you to quickly implement custom metrics using Metric Builder and other ECO features. The custom metrics in the use cases are commonly used for analyzing the application performance and user experience.

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