Conviva ODP Explained


Conviva Operational Data Platform enables experience-centric operational analysis for real-time optimizations connecting user impacts with backend infrastructure performance across applications, networks, platforms, video streams and other event stream sources.

To support real-time, connected, business and operational decisions, Conviva delivers an industry-leading operational data platform with Stateful Analytics and Explainable AI, that together enable a new paradigm of Experience Centric Operations.

Most observability and monitoring tools rely only on a bottoms-up approach traversing logs, traces, and performance metrics in search of pinpointing the technology paths that may or may not connect with the impacted user experience touch points.

Enter, Conviva; its Pulse Video and ECO applications with actual user experience measurements and metrics that empower insightful real-time data alerting and drilldowns into the affecting session and application root-cause layers--enabling rapid issue isolation and root cause resolution of actual experience impacts.


Stateful Metrics and Server-Side Sessionization

Hypercube Engine

Standard and Self-Defined Stateful Metrics

Explainable AI-Driven Insights

Conviva Connect APIs and Data Feeds

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