Drop-in the Conviva Sensor


The Conviva sensor provides data ingest and is composed of ECO and Video sensor modules for ease of data ingestion across apps and video players.

ECO Sensor Module of App Data Ingest

ECO sensor module consists of several basic scripts accessible from the Conviva GitHub Repositories with basic README instructions and the related script files for each the supported ECO application platforms. Lightweight integration of Conviva ECO sensor enables automatic, semantic-less data collection.

To get started with app data ingest:

  • Decide on your target ECO platforms and check the Conviva GitHub repositories for scripts and instructions.

  • Reach out to your technical dev team to coordinate the integration of the Conviva sensor. Most integrations complete within several developer hours using the README page instructions in the repositories.

    iOS, Android, Browser (npm install), REACT-Native (npm install), Browser (script tag install), Roku

    Note: The ECO repositories may be referenced as appanalytics, such as conviva-ios-appanalytics, in GitHub repositories. For C SDK support, contact your Conviva representative.

  • Test and deploy your updated application, subject to your company's release process and policies.

    Note: Conviva worked with multiple publishers to validate that the ECO sensor module has no negative impact on the overall application performance. For C SDK support, reach out to your Conviva representative.

ECO Repos Example

Within each application repo, developers follow the basic README instructions and deploy the scripts.

Readme Example

Video Sensor Module for Video Player Data Ingest

Conviva Video sensor integration involves passing events and metadata from video player applications to Conviva APIs to report viewer experience and performance data. These integrations leverage Conviva SDKs and player library APIs for optimized integrations for video stream events. The Conviva Video supports the following platforms:

  • Android

  • iOS/TVOS

  • JavaScript

  • Roku

  • C SDK

To get started with Video sensor module installation:

  • View the Sensor Overview and retrieve libraries from Conviva repo's at github.com/conviva. Contact your Conviva rep for access to the video integration instructions for your video player apps.

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