Conviva Account Setup Details


Conviva Operational Data Platform enables experience-centric operational analysis for real-time optimizations connecting user impacts with backend infrastructure performance across applications, networks, platforms, video streams and other event stream sources.

Your Conviva Account

After requesting your account setup, Conviva creates your account for Video and ECO application access.

Your account domain contains your c3.<customer_name> and appears in the Pulse menu bar for your application. Typically, each customer is allocated a single c3 account for exclusive access, in this example the c3.Customer-Demo account.

Reach out to your Conviva representative with any accounts related issues.

Note: Conviva sets the initial admin user and provides the account URL link. As an admin user, you can invite and manage users.

User Administration

To jumpstart application access, Conviva configures admin users for your applications. These admin users have access to all application features and user management. Customer admins perform user setup and management for their application users. For more details, see Pulse Access Levels and User Roles.

Account Setup for SSO

Optionally, Conviva single sign-on (SSO) federation enables users to securely authenticate with Conviva's applications using a corporate email and password

Use Conviva SSO federation to:

  • Easily access Conviva applications with a corporate email and password

  • Re-direct to the corporate identity provider (IdP) before accessing Conviva applications

  • Navigate to Conviva applications from your IdP

  • Enable or disable a user's access to Conviva applications through the IdP using administrator privileges

For more details about Conviva Federated SSO support, see Federated SSO.

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