Summary Panel


Summary Panel enhances actionability with SPI, Good and Impacted Streams, Improvement Opportunities (similar to the Overview Dashboard), Aggregated Audience Summary, and Ad metrics. It allows you to select and display desired metric widgets through the edit option, offering significant customization providing a quick determination of performance startup and playback experience.

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Summary Panel Metrics


The SPI allows you to visually observe the performance of your KPIs and metrics over the chosen period using the SPI streams. Additionally, you can swiftly determine the count and percentage of impacted streams. An impacted stream is a stream that does not meet one or more KPI settings. The specific KPI performance of streams is shown in Improvement Opportunities.

Note:  Clicking the SPI widget on the summary panel displays the SPI metric widget and a new SPI column in the dimensional table.

Good and Impacted Streams

Conviva formulates the Conviva Streaming Performance Index, which assesses the percentage of streaming sessions that provide a good or best viewing experience based on the SPI streams. This index takes into account various factors.

This is based on the condition:

GoodSessionAverageLifePlayingTimeMins > BadSessionAverageLifePlayingTimeMins * 1.1

Note:    Clicking the Impacted Streams on the summary panel displays the Impacted streams metric widget and a new Impacted streams column in the dimensional table.

For more information on the KPI settings to match your specific performance goals, refer Experience Overview.

Improvement Opportunities

The Improvement Opportunities performance measurements highlight the most common issues that impacted viewer experience in the selected period based on the SPI settings. For example, a high rebuffering ratio may indicate that better alignment of bitrate and buffer control settings could improve viewer experience.

Improvement Opportunities Metrics:

  • High Rebuffering (high CIRR or CIRT)

  • Abandonment

  • High Startup Time

  • Video Playback Failure

  • Video Start Failures (VSF-T)

  • Low Bitrate

    For information on the Improvement Opportunities Metrics, refer Experience Overview.

Note: Clicking an Improvement Opportunity displays the selected metric widget and sorts the dimensional analysis by that performance indicator, such as HST.

Audience Metrics

The Audience Metrics are:

  • Attempts

  • Plays

  • Concurrent Plays

  • Playing Time (Interval)

  • Ended Plays

  • Minutes/Ended Plays

  • Average%Complete

  • Playing Time (Ended)

Ad Metrics

The Ad metrics are:

  • Ad Impressions

  • Ad Impressions(% of Attempts)

  • Ad Minutes / Unique Device

  • Ad Frequency / Unique Device

  • Ad Unique Devices

For more information on the Ad metrics, see Ads Metrics.

Clicking the metric on the summary panel displays the selected metric widget and a metric column in the dimensional table. For example, high buffering - SPI threshold.


Summary Panel Summary Panel Summary Panel SPI SPI Good and Impacted Streams Good and Impacted Streams Improvement Opportunities Improvement Opportunities